The Shaker is a bedding sifter that separates horse manure from stall shavings. It saves time and energy, as well as bedding and disposal costs. Powered by a simple electric drill, The Shaker recycles the bedding so completely, you’ll think it’s new.  The Shaker is smaller than a wheelbarrow weighing in at only 40 pounds making it easy to maneuver around the barn and in the stalls. Operation is as simple as shoveling the mix into the hopper. Also, the removable Muck Bucket makes emptying the manure a snap. The Shaker is good for you, and the environment.

The Shaker

Harry Pinnand

Hello and Welcome to my website.  I fell in love with horses later in life when Connie, my fiancee, talked me into getting her a horse to keep at my five acre Home & Machine Shop in New Jersey.  I quickly realized  how much manure a horse can produce in a day... so being an entrepreneur and machinist by trade I invented The Shaker to make my life a little easier.  I now have 6 horses at home 2 of which are senior rescues.

Harry Pinand


Harry & Phantom