The Shaker

An easier way to clean stalls

Save time mucking... 

Save back-breaking energy... 

Save on bedding costs... 

If you own horses you know how long it takes to clean a stall and how much bedding you go through.  Imagine being able to cut that time in half without throwing away valuable bedding.  When I brought my first horse home and started to clean up after him I quickly realized he needed a companion... They were more work than I imagined.  There had to be a better way to clean a stall... all that shaking the manure fork... giving up and just throwing the bedding away... I thought if something else could do all that shaking and separate ALL the bedding from the manure.  I went to work and after lots of trial and error I came up with the shaker.  Friends would stop by and see me using it and pleaded for me to make them one... and their friends wanted one... the rest is history.  


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The Shaker! The latest innovation in stall cleaning. The Shaker is a bedding sifter that separates the manure from the stall shavings. It saves time, as well as bedding and disposal costs. Powered by a simple electric drill, The Shaker recycles the bedding so completely, you'll think its new.


1  to 100 Horses...

Time is money.  If you hire help to clean your facility or you do it yourself... imagine saving half your time cleaning stalls. 

The price of shavings keeps going up...  Imagine using 50% less bedding using the shaker.

Since you are using less shavings you will reduce the cost of Manure removal if you have it trucked away...  imagine your manure pile 50% smaller.

The effort it takes to clean a stall takes its toll on your back and arms...  Imagine a machine that does all the sifting so you don't have to... Imagine no more back aches.